It is the hardest hypocrisy to reconcile for those of us who

Several friends and I stood in awe as we watched Sunday’s climate change parade snake by us from our perch in Bryant Park. For more than three hours we cheered thousands of marchers from all over the country. We marveled at their passion and dedication as many traveled more than 15 hours to be part of what this publication is calling the largest climate change march in history. The atmosphere was electric and gave hope to the belief that the citizens of this country are ready to tackle climate change head on. Our moods dampened when one of our more aggravating friends pointed out that by traveling great distances, the marchers were contributing to climate change by emitting thousands of pounds of CO2. We objected, arguing that it was the spirit of the day that was more significant. Yet, there was no denying his point. It is the hardest hypocrisy to reconcile for those of us who care about living consciously.

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